Magni and Modi feature as one of the biggest boss fights in God of War, which ends with Kratos killing Magni, and Modi fleeing. Both follow under their uncle Baldur in attempting to find and kill the protagonist Kratos. You find yourself in a somewhat cramped space dodging huge AOE attacks and sneaking combos in. Hraezlyr. Magni throws Modi at me before I can control Kratos and it instantly kills me. The Magni and Modi boss fight is the final part of God of War story mission, The Magic Chisel.. Here on this page, we'll take you through everything you … Magni does not have the same defenses as Modi. Magni and Modi Overview. Modi shoots lightning at me stunning Kratos before the cutscene ends and I can pull up my sheild and instantly kills me. Sometime after their uncle failed the first time, Magni and Modi were summoned by their grandfather Odin and ordered to aid Baldur in his hunt to capture Kratos, after the former's failed first encounter with the legendary Greek god. Magni and Modi appear in 2018’s God of War as two demigods who accompany Baldur on his mission to capture Kratos and Atreus and bring them to Odin. That’s his whole thing. His greatsword does more damage and is more of a problem than Modi's mace and board. God Of War: Best Armor, Weapons & Skills For Magni and Modi Boss Fight This is a long, hard fight. Magni has a brother named Modi. Modi: Courage I don't think that thing plays fetch. The key to victory here is to focus on Magni first. Magni/Modi Phase One For the first phase, put all your effort into damaging Magni. Hraezlyr is a huge dragon. I used the Cod of War set with high defense. Magni and Modi Boss Fight. Magnis and Modis lightning attacks can all be blocked. During the Aesir-Vanir War, Magni, with the help of his brother Modi killed the Vanir Goddess Nerthus. Magni is very strong. Magni is subsequently killed by the latter in a battle, with Modi fleeing. Magni has a horse named Goldfaxi, which is almost as fast as Sleipnir, Odin’s horse. Magni and his brother Modi will inherit Thor’s hammer Mjölnir after Ragnarök. The surviving brother makes two more appearances, and in the second it’s revealed that he’s been cast out by Thor, who blamed him for Magni’s death. His name Magni means Mighty “Mægtig” He is the son of Thor and the Jotun woman Jarnsaxa. In God of War, Magni … The Hraezlyr boss fight harkens back to God of War 3. Make sure you purchase a resurrection stone from the blacksmith beforehand. You can almost think of it as Magni = Offense and Modi = Defense. Only exceptions are the lightning plunge attack where Modi gets launched into the air and the one where Magni charges up his sword AoE for a long time and smacks it into the ground. Magni: Mighty. 6. Magni fights with his greatsword, and Modi a mace and shield. I'm completely stuck, I have gone back to an older save and tried to restart the fight but each time they get free attacks that kill me. This fight may seem overwhelming at first as it is the first time in the game where you are fighting two bosses at once. The Fate of Modi and Magni, and What it Means for Mjolnir. Both Móði and Magni appear as antagonists in the 2018 video game God of War, voiced by Nolan North and Troy Baker respectively.
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