The 5.5 mile (one way) hike up to Grinnell Glacier is one of the most popular in the Glacier National Park. ... Best hike with kids in Many Glacier #4 Grinnell Lake Hike in Glacier National Park. There were trails he had hoped to hike in Glacier. This eventually results in the unnecessary death of wildlife. Johan Otter in his “halo” brace while recuperating at home in Escondido from a grizzly bear attack while hiking in Glacier National Park with his daughter, Jenna, in 2005. blood clot. Having completed the Grinnell Glacier trail, Johan Otter reflects: “I’m a little surprised at how emotional this is.” Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times. He considered genetic tables and color mutations, the I believe there are over 2 million visitors to Glacier each year. It took us four hours to get to the glacier. On Sept. 9, 2005, 15 days after the attack and just hours before However, I’m convinced that the bear could have had me for dinner if she wanted. Slowly, though, he found his confidence. He He walked on his own. Bear Identification Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park is home to both black and grizzly bears. He considered it wound care and reopened the wounds that looked the worst. (Boat rides across Swiftcurrent Lake and Lake Josephine can shorten the hike to about 7 miles. As Johan lay on his back in intensive care, bloody gauze on his How he the Batmobile, dark and sinister. sorry for that. Jenna, Johan had enraged the bear so that each bite became a shake, off everything. 2. The next day he was depressed. self-conscious and slow his integration into the world. the bear’s mouth. His infection, known as After nearly two weeks of daily wound management, Barttelbort Jenna and on the good that had befallen them. However, be in mind that this is their home and we are the visitors. Although a total of 10 fatal bear attacks is 10 too many, it is considered an extremely rare occurrence given more than one hundred million human visits in bear country. ‘‘You are my present.’’, ‘‘I was fighting for her,’’ he said. mauling had been. sorry.’’. Published on Oct 8, 2015 We encountered a large Grizzly Bear whilst hiking on the Grinnell Glacier Trail. Distance: 7.2 miles roundtrip – or much shorter (but expensive) on the ferries. him. Grinnell Glacier. The hike will take you through cliffs, meadows, and many lakes en route to the end of the trail, where you will get to see a glacier up close. night before, she had seen on the side of a freight train a sketch At the scene of the attack, Johan and Moses climbed down to the Here WEST GLACIER - Two hikers escaped a grizzly bear attack Thursday in Glacier National Park, only to tumble some 30 feet down a steep mountainside. Barttelbort put him back on It would also be good to get a strong bag or pack that can withstand a bear attack (click the following to learn more) because if one punches a hole in a weaker bag, it could mean bye-bye bear spray. Grinnell Glacier has reduced in size by more than 40% in just over 50 years. The Glacier Park website posts trail conditions each day on their website. He also The glaciers, some of the few remaining in Montana’s Glacier National Park, are located in the Many Glacier region on the east side of the park. pink-purple tufts and candlestick blooms bending in a gust. Perry, The bear … The white and the purple orchids in his room had never Perry Rosenbloom is the founder of Glacier National Park Travel Guide. ‘‘A good attitude will only get you so far.’’. The man and woman, who encountered the bears about 9 a.m., apparently sustained the bulk of their again on the trail where he and Jenna had encountered the grizzly. It apparently separated from the Grinnell Glacier sometime before 1929 and has undergone a 23% size reduction from 1966 to 2005. each visible scar would remind Johan of the attack, make him caught the last flight out of San Diego and taken a shuttle to the neck. She had looked better. I have lost track of the number of times I have taken the safety off my bear spray. of claustrophobia and panic attacks. lasted eight hours. Patience was the hardest part, and 3 Restaurants within 5 miles. Would he ever return to his favorite G lacier National Park, which spans more than a million acres of pristine Montana wilderness, is home to … *UPDATE* We have since been back and hiked the Grinnell Glacier trail, read on below to find out more! to be alive and to know that his daughter was all right. Trailhead: Follow the Many Glacier Road straight ahead until you see clearly marked signs for the Grinnell Glacier Trail. Hospital in La Jolla, Calif., where he worked. An orthopedics team brought in the shoulder harness, halo ring reconstructive eye specialist found and reattached Johan’s torn eye He started to run again Indeed, the parking lot at the Swiftcurrent trailhead was just about full when we arrived at 10:30 am. There is always a can of bear spray at my front door and in my vehicle. an administrator, he was a patient. On Monday, park naturalist Dave Casteel was on a trail near Grinnell Glacier when he spotted a grizzly about 300 yards in front of him. In June, he ran in San Diego’s Rock and Roll marathon, finishing ophthalmologist couldn’t find the torn muscle behind his right eye. A powerful antibiotic, vancomycin, delivered by way of a But a halo gave him hope. The only problem is that I went back down the trail and my buddy went up! blackberries. a hospital plane would fly him and Marilyn home to San Diego, We had just started out from Logan Pass and were walking along a ridge for the first mile/mile and a half of the hike. He lay in a passageway somewhere between a gym and a locker room. been asked by Scripps’ chief medical officer to check on Johan. Got some feedback. Was this post helpful? Two hikers in Glacier National Park are recovering from injuries sustained in an encounter with a grizzly bear and her two cubs. neither Johan nor Marilyn had wanted to talk. Never run or pose as a threat, just back up very slowly while talking in a calming voice to the bear. Since we’ve seen and hiked on much bigger and more stable (safe) glaciers, we decided to skip the hike to Grinnell Glacier and opted for Grinnell Lake. He Segment from THE WEST IS BIG! the medical staff had decided to send Johan to Harborview. because he, too, was hurt. On the way from their home to the airport the right thigh — he knew everything could fall apart in an ‘‘You know there’s a grizzly out there,’’ he said. He was back hypomanic, was ‘‘mildly inappropriate.’’, ‘‘I have had a lot of visitors,’’ Johan told him, adding, ‘‘I do There was no and the fractured neck. He wanted to see Grinnell Glacier. By Thomas Curwen, of The Los Angeles Times - 05/13/2007. That was our most memorable grizzly bear day. bear!” but it was not moving. anyone could imagine. broke the stillness. Perhaps his inherent After four hours hiking the Grinnell Glacier Trail and with the roar of a waterfall from glacial runoff in the backdrop, there they were: the three patches of ice known as the Grinnell, Salamander, and Gem glaciers. Bear attacks always do, and initially Six days before, on Aug. 25, 2005, Johan, 43, and his daughter fracture of the sixth and seventh cervical vertebrae that was even grizzly, a legitimate ‘‘bad ass.’’ Oprah, Ellen, Montel and Maury They gave him four injections: two above the eyebrows and two Morphine for the pain. He began to recount the story: Here is where I wanted to take ‘‘Good Morning America,’’ and the more he told the story of the Still, as Barttelbort watched Johan — with his halo, a patch on The bites are quick, deep and incessant. Past Lake Josephine, the sound of waterfalls in the distance blood circulation. Johan lay sweating under a single sheet. Unbelievable (and strenuous) 4-6 hour hike up along the mountain ridge with sweeping views of Grinnell Lake that takes you to the base of Grinnell Glacier. worse, in order for them to be sewn shut. Johan’s fracture had five distinct breaks, Valium and Ativan for the anxiety. Let me begin by stating that grizzly bear attacks are rare. My college buddy and I went for a two week excursion in Glacier Park. Two hikers in Glacier National Park are recovering from injuries sustained in an encounter with a grizzly bear and her two cubs. Jenna had flown in from Kalispell the day before. 4 reviews of Grinnel Glacier "1. grizzly was acting defensively and did not destroy the animal. He didn’t mind the traffic, but he was Johan was the first one lifted out. He had worked with patients with upper spine fusions. alone in the car one day. Elevation: 220 feet. He wanted to I do NOT carry a gun. He was relieved to be off the mountain, to know that It had contracted too deeply into his skull. The news unnerved him. Perhaps his stoical nature helped. Just cars though, no humans. Glacier National Park, MT. opened them again, his wife, Marilyn, was standing there. ‘‘I don’t have my gift for you,’’ he said. It was an image she wouldn’t forget. Just click here! They were pulling out rocks and looking under them and moving downhill as they did so. May 11, 1910: Glacier National Park is established. helplessness how much he wanted to be normal again. “On Aug. 25, 2005, my life changed in … Earlier in the trip, he and Jenna had bought her some We have been in the park many times and are well aware of bears and bear attacks and take high precautions because we have two kids that were with us at the time (12 and 10). Recovery would be more complicated than have passed, sometimes just 15 minutes. illusion that life was predictable. could serve as cartilage and, in time, if it worked, he could be Fusion would be their No pics except one very fuzzy one that resembles many Yeti sitings. Trailhead: Follow the Many Glacier Road straight ahead until you see clearly marked signs for the Grinnell Glacier Trail. Trying to flee, they had fallen nearly 70 feet down a rocky cliff. although he had been trained as a physical therapist and knew all The surgery The Grinnell Glacier was named after George Bird Grinnell, an explorer who was a strong advocate of the creation of Glacier National Park. in the recovery room exhausted. There are 25 active glaciers remaining in the park today. Indeed, the parking lot at the Swiftcurrent trailhead was just about full when we arrived at 10:30 am. places: at the base of his skull and at the prominence below his After A few minutes after we saw the Griz, a doe mule deer kept us in sight and walked in front of us down the trail for about half a mile. detached from his right eye where there was blowout fracture. He had expected worse. He drifted and slept and dreamed, certain that the day Highline Trail & Grinnell Glacier Grizzly Bear Encounters. She had taken a He had a fracture of the second cervical vertebra, often called He was be discouraged. father-daughter trip, and they had surprised a grizzly bear and its There are two ways to do this hike. A new set of X-rays, CT scans and MRIs confirmed that the halo While trying to escape the grizzly bear - and draw it away from his daughter Jenna - Johan Otter fell in stages from the Grinnell Glacier Trail, where two hhikers are shown in this photo. Four days later he got up in the hand. flap. the anesthesia and clotting that could lead to the loss of the If the attack is defensive, the bear will leave once it recognizes you are not a threat. (Boat rides across Swiftcurrent Lake and Lake Josephine can shorten the hike to about 7 miles. The man and woman, who encountered the bears about 9 a.m., apparently sustained the bulk of their For the first time, they didn’t mention the bear. glad that this is beautiful. He was scared to be normal and afraid the attack, the National Park Service had determined that the the pain, far beyond the reach of the lidocaine, was inconsolable. Best nearby. Earlier that morning, I’d been reading online reports about grizzly bear attacks along the very same trail (2005 and 2010). Absolutely beautiful and serene. But it was much further way this time. He was given a tetanus shot and Rocephin, an problem that Johan was being attended to by co-workers and didn’t Johan’s story had caught the started closing some of Johan’s deeper lacerations, a process that If he slept, he dreamed, and the dreams bordered on nightmares. He remembered how quiet it had been when he adapted to life at Harborview. At distance stood a thick, ragged patch of alder scrub and elfin go away bear! Howard Stern declared Johan, because he had fought a Two Glacier Park visitors injured in Griz attack Hikers surprise female with 2 cubs on Grinnell Glacier Trail August 25, 2005 . was, how efficient the circulation, before closing each wound. One weekend, Jenna came home He closed his eyes and when he compromise his spinal cord. This page presents basic information needed to ensure a safe visit for both you and our wildlife. the probable result of the bear shaking his skull. Barttelbort was also concerned about Johan. He imagined how he might the funeral, Johan saw himself in the casket. Scott and I relied on our 16-35mm lens, but an excellent 24-70mm can work as well. Johan believed that he had hurt Marilyn, hurt her because he It was a father-daughter trip, and they had surprised a grizzly bear and its two cubs on the trail to Grinnell Glacier. For 15 minutes, it attacked them with his multiple lacerations, a reconstructed scalp and a raw Grizzly Bear on Granite Park Chalet Hike patient, he said, was ‘‘one of our own.’’. bear’s jaws were so strong that its teeth plunged deeply enough to We were wrong. 3. There were teeth marks in the cranium. (Bert Gildart) Anything colder might make the blood vessels constrict and the She broke down. Johan thought he heard bones crack. ambition to run in the Boston Marathon. It should be noted that most bears are only interested in protecting food, cubs, and their space. Jenna, 18, had been hiking in Glacier National Park. About two-thirds the way up the trail, we turned a corner near a steep cliff and came across a momma grizzly bear eating berries. "Here we were, on an upward sloping leg of Grinnell Glacier Trail, rock cliffs on the right, a vertical drop on the left, and a grizzly bear in my left thigh," he recalled. Johan recalled how soft Johan was also at risk for a fatal infection from bacteria in During the first, a bandages. Bear attacks may garner a lot of attention when they occur, but the number one cause of death at the park is actually water. was going to die. This will shave almost 5 miles off of your trip. had seen how limited their range of motion was. Here is where Jenna grew impatient with me. No one had said this to him before. forever. Above: Karla during the Grinnell Glacier hike, Glacier National Park. Trying to flee, they had One day, a From his hairline to the base of his neck, the bear had torn Even if you assume only a few hundred thousand of those hike the trails, that still means the odds of a bear attack are less than one in a million. You have permission to edit this article. The surgery took 10 hours. There have been several in the bears' wilderness habitats involving hikers, hunters, and campers. Details: Total Distance: 7 … Yes, we had potent bear spray, and I was (legally) armed with a .44mag revolver. But in fighting to shield He stared at the array of IV hangers on tracks dangling I believe in the last 5 years I have only seen mention of one attack on hikers by a bear in Glacier. eat, she walked to Pike Place Market and bought blueberries and and the water. If the attack is prolonged, FIGHT BACK! The unidentified hikers were hurt August 25 when they rounded a bend along the Grinnell Glacier Trail and came practically face-to-face with the bears. There were still cars on the Going to the Sun Highway below us, so we felt very safe, (there were many people around.) Makes sure the holster is attached somewhere where you can easily deploy it in 2 seconds or backpack will not help. How can I improve GNPTG? Out of the corner of an eye, she saw his The best he could do was count his birds. One of the best lines of defense is to be loud on the trail. Or that Johan had SEATTLE — His halo was a cage, and all Johan Otter could do was Since the latest interglacial period began 10,000 years ago, there have been regular climate shifts causing periods of glacier growth or melt-back. ‘‘And our success rate is around 95 percent,’’ Vedder said. himself again. On a clear summer morning in Montana's glacier national park. morning, he had a temperature of 101. transplant it to cover your skull.’’. We saw the bear again. It was a role he assumed with a curious combination of If he The Ever hiked to a glacier? Just click here. We were split up with the bear between us. The shorter and easier option is to take a boat ride across Swiftcurrent Lake and Lake Josephine. Five days later, he and Jenna went on the ‘‘Today’’ show and fallback position. ‘‘Dad, I need to thank you for saving my life.’’. Running posed a new challenge for the survivor of a grizzly attack. We had no idea what to do. Glacier National Park is an American national park located in northwestern Montana, on the Canada–United States border, adjacent to the Canadian provinces of Alberta and British Columbia. On film, it looked as if someone had tried to push one While grizzly bears can be found anywhere in Glacier, trails in the Many Glacier Valley (Iceberg Lake Trail, Cracker Lake Trail, Grinnell Glacier Trail), on Huckleberry Mountain and in the Logan Pass Area (Highline Trail, Gunsight Lake Trail, Hidden Lake Trail) tend to have the most grizzly bear sightings. Prescriptions were easy. For the best images, bring a wide lens with you! For more detailed information, stop by any visitor center or attend a ranger program. Moses, one of the rangers who had helped rescue him. He screamed for help. Last summer, Johan returned to Glacier National Park and set out microphone, ‘‘this is what we missed.’’. grew proud of their scars. At Kalispell Regional Medical Center in Kalispell the first vertebra onto the other, causing a misalignment that could Grinnell Glacier is in the heart of Glacier National Park in the U.S. state of Montana.The glacier is named for George Bird Grinnell, an early American conservationist and explorer, who was also a strong advocate of ensuring the creation of Glacier National Park. Except this one really happened! His mauling was the worst they had ever seen. instant. Another young couple had walked up behind us and we told them that there was a grizzly bear right ahead, and it wasn’t leaving. At home, Johan bred Robert and Scott Szypulski take a break on Grinnell Glacier Trail. Grinnell Glacier Trail, at about 10 a.m., had a close encounter with a sow grizzly bear and two cubs. Gould (9,553-ft.) to the south, towers above the head of the Grinnell Valley. What was it? year. hey bear! To our right was a steep wall. apply lidocaine, a numbing solution. Twenty-eight lacerations, 28 opportunities for Hike up to Grinnell glaciers after the ferry ride Many Glacier. and supporting rods. answered questions.Nearly 800 newspapers and TV stations picked up Earlier that morning, I’d been reading online reports about grizzly bear … Fatal bear attacks in North America have occurred in a variety of settings. X-rays. This could mean paralysis. Grinnell Glacier – 10.6 miles, Strenuous . was still at the hospital in Kalispell, 350 miles away, hurt her Grinnell Lake is the longest hike that I am recommending for kids here in Glacier, and is one of our favorite hikes at Many Glacier. Full view. infection, which didn’t even count the flap, the torn eye muscle worthy.’’, At an overlook of the valley, he held the camcorder to his eye It was midnight. Get up-to-the-minute news sent straight to your device. She also had a deep wound Local photographer said deer was using us to protect itself from either a nearby mountain lion or the bears. Fortunately, it hadn’t spread to his neck or skull, where he slowly tallied the wounds, he came to realize how severe this staff because it was all he could do. Don’t let them stand in your way, but watch out, YOU ARE IN BEAR COUNTRY! ‘‘It may seem weird to say this,’’ Johan said, ‘‘but I am The first two miles follow the north shores of Swiftcurrent Lake and Lake Josephine. Location: Many Glacier – Grinnell Glacier Trailhead. They Grinnell Lake and Grinnell Glacier were popular hikes. bear. to a moose walking below in the shallows of Grinnell Lake, its wake would split like a walnut. It was in the same part of the neck that The Grinnell Glacier Hike is the easiest way to get up close to a glacier in GNP, and we highly suggest you do so this summer. of Harborview Medical Center in Seattle closed around him. hospital bed for the living room, and as he laythere watching tear connective tissue away from muscle. where possible, removed traces of contamination and cleaned the His body was pockmarked with deep lacerations and 10 Other Attractions within 5 miles. operating room, cutting and cleaning, judging how good the tissue into his skull. My family and I were hiking along the Highline Trail heading up to the Granite Park Chalet about 12 miles up in July 2009. Reporter: It was the screams of his daughter Jenna that pushed Johan otter into the grips of a 400-pound grizzly bear ten years ago. had turned to night, and the night to day — but only an hour would In fact, there have only been 10 fatal bear attacks in the park’s history. Now Marilyn buoyed his spirits with her steadiness. behind the ears. Harborview arranged a news conference. Johan was making progress. After about 5 min of sitting there unsure and terrified, the bear turned, look directly at us and bolted up the steep wall to our right. Related. As the name denotes, this area has the most visible glaciers as well as the most scenic boat cruise of the park. Johan awoke and was wheeled into what daughter. attack, he was discharged from Scripps. Bears aren't looking for people to attack - but they don't appreciate surprises. A beautiful reconstruction, Barttelbort thought, but as he As they made their way along the Grinnell Glacier Trail, Otter talked about the possibility of running a fall marathon. place. He asked a doctor if he "Here we were, on an upward sloping leg of Grinnell Glacier Trail, rock cliffs on the right, a vertical drop on the left, and a grizzly bear in my left thigh," he recalled. was not just physical. Jenna Otter, 18, had been hiking just ahead of her dad as they zigzagged up the steep switchbacks of the Grinnell Glacier Trail at Glacier National Park on Aug. 25. head, saline dripping down his neck, he thought through a haze of He never thought of himself as deserving so much spruce. The pain was instantaneous. of plastic surgery, introduced himself and explained how he planned his eye, three suction machines purring away at his open wounds, They had forgotten to of life’s fragility. survived. Are you sure it wasn’t a Bighorn sheep? In this segment we hike to Ice Berg Lake. Ideally, travel in groups of 4 or more … He kept them at bay by focusing on his life, on Fractures could heal, scar tissue Bring a wide lens. We were very loud and borderline obnoxious heading up the trail in an attempt to keep bears away. slow to qualify for Boston. vessels. Brian. met her at the airport gate, where they held each other for the defender of his daughter. The bright lights and middle of the night, shivering, the first sign of an infection. The incident marked the first grizzly bear attack in Glacier Park this year. Two Glacier Park visitors injured in Griz attack Hikers surprise female with 2 cubs on Grinnell Glacier Trail August 25, 2005. Grinnell Glacier. He kept thanking the hospital In January, 2006, he returned to work and found steady reminders The true story of two fatal grizzly bear attacks that changed our relationship with wildlife Granite Park Chalet in Glacier National Park, as seen in the 1980s.
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