Sapele mahogany should be cleaned with a Trisodium Phosphate Solution before applying any stain. They may darken some but should even out in color. Usually pronounced (sah-PELL-ey) or (sah-PEEL-ey). There is a lot of info on Odies oil and the owners are the nicest people. I would expect you have to resend it before you apply another finish they may not stick to the wax. Fluorescence: A Secret Weapon in Wood Identification, Bow Woods (from a mathematical perspective), Brazilian Rosewood, East Indian, and Other Rosewoods, Genuine Lignum Vitae and Argentine Lignum Vitae, BOOK: WOOD! I am having some wooden windows in our home replaced. Looks great. Interlocked grain produces beautiful ribbon pattern on quarter-sawn Sapele. Ebony measures 3,220 on the Janka scale; balsa wood measures 100. Sapele flooring has characteristics of the Sapele tree. It shattered the lower point of my RG shaped body. They charged the same as the QS because they had no other category. We put together this write up comparing Sapele vs African Mahogany vs Utile if that might be helpful. My only reason is that I used the polyurethane on beech before, which look nice and also quite tough for everyday use in the kitchen. As soon as the timber leaves the kiln it would be exposed to an average air moisture content of above 18% so short of shrink wrapping it is going to absorb between the kiln and retailer/ wholesaler. He is searching for ideas to salvage his work. The next and final coats were rubbed in using rotten stone powder and olive oil. Is there a better finish that would still be food safe, and do I need to sand it again? Also, it’s hard to keep crumb free, as the finish is not really smooth. darkens with age if nottreated with finishing oils that will prevent oxidation As mentioned on this site, Sapele stains when in contact with iron. Mine is in it’s finishing stages. Sapele's propensity to exhibit such a diversity of figure types makes it a valuable source of decorative veneer. Before setting the piece in it’s permanent outdoor location, three coats of tung oil (Waterlox Marine Sealer) were applied. P.S. Sustainability: This wood species is not listed in the CITES Appendices, but is on the IUCN Red List. I applied the oil to the bottom first, then turned the tabletop over and coated the top. My friend used a Sapele log to make a table with a piece of toughened glass on it. Price. I’m making one with Sapele. Are Rosewoods (and Bubinga) really banned by CITES? The Janka hardness rating measures wood to rate its suitability for flooring. I second the Tung Oil. LATIN: ENTANDROPHRAGMA CYLINDRICUM ORIGIN: AFRICA. Any advice is helpful. It's expressed in psi, or pounds-per-square-inch. The wood is light to deep reddish brown. Botanical Name: Entandrophragma cylindricum Janka Hardness: 1510 – 75% harder than Genuine Mahogany. COMMENTS Now I am happy to have you as a resource for my f ..." - Robert (Read More), 200 E. Hematite Dr. | Ishpeming, MI 49849 | 877-770-9663 | 0.0189 | 127.1.1421. It is similar to freijó, a medium density wood, whose resistance is exceptional, in addition to its beauty. Sapele Overview. > Hardwoods > Apocynaceae > Alstonia > spectabilis Common Name(s): Hard milkwood, Scientific Name: (and A. macrophylla) Distribution: South and Southeast Asia, Pacific Islands, and northern Australia Tree Size: 100-130 ft (30-40 m) tall, 2-4 ft (.6-1.2 m) trunk diameter Average Dried Weight: lbs/ft3 ( kg/m3) Specific Gravity (Basic, 12% MC): , Janka Hardness: lbf … The Janka hardness test measures the lb/in2 required to embed a .444-inch steel ball to half its diameter in wood.
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