Required fields are marked *. That's another reason I had green spots of clover all summer when a lot of others had nothing but brown crunch. You want the weight of the pages to press the clover flat. When the flowers are completely dry and crispy, cut the flowers from the stems, place them in an airtight container and label the jar. I’ve been trying to get rid of our clover for the last couple of years because it spreads like weeds in our garden but now that I know what to do with them thanks to your blog, I won’t be so quick to get rid of it! Dutch White Clover is one of the most popular clovers used in lawns, but also has many other uses. Place the wax paper in between the pages of a heavy book. The sun isn’t the best place to dry herbs in general because it … Homesteading. Alternatively, tie the blossoms and leaves into bundles and hang until completely dry and crispy. I used my All-American Sun Oven to dehydrate the clover. 2. White clover (Trifolium repens), also known as Dutch clover, is a cool-season perennial that is often found growing in patches along roadsides and in pastures and lawns.It is a low-growing plant with creeping stems (stolons) that produce roots and shoots at … Required fields are marked *, This post may contain affiliate links. You can rinse the blossoms in a strainer or in a bowl, just be gentle with them so they don’t rip apart. Unless you choose to eat the leaves or flowers when they are fresh, you need to dry out your harvest so you can store it properly. White clover’s cousin, red clover (Trifolium pratense), is much showier. Its preparation is quite simple, take 4-5 dried white clover flowers and put them into one cup of boiled water. I'm Jess and I am so glad you are here! Because we plant our clover via airplane, plenty of seeds make their way to our yard so we have wild and cultivated clover. You can also dry and ground red clover flowers into a fine powder/flour to be used to prepare baked goods. We plant clover across our pastures to feed the cattle and the bees. Once you have found the clover you wish to dry and press, you can follow these steps. It is used as an Expectorant, Antiseptic and Analgesic properties. Seed coats are extremely hard, thus allowing for extended dormancy periods in the soil. Read our. If it is mowed occasionally, it will reach about 4 inches high. Let it sit in a dark closet for 8-10 hours until most of the moisture is gone. Be careful when checking to see if your flowers or leaves are dry. Place the blossoms in a basket or on a drying rack and place in a dark, warm, ventilated, and dry place. Make sure wherever you lay your harvest is not too moist or humid. Another easy way to determine if it is white clover marring your luscious green lawn is by their leaves. When they dry up and turn brown, the seeds will be ready to harvest. Place the rinsed white clover blossoms on a flour sack towel or a dish towel and gently pat them dry. I learned the properties of red clover before I learned most of the other herbs in my yard. As soon as you pick the clover, remove it from the sunlight and keep it in a cool, dark place laying flat. To begin, you will need to find your clovers, whether they be basic clovers or four leaf. See how simple it can be to dry and press your own four leaf clover? White clover is a perennial plant in the pea family (Fabaceae). You will find that making these little gems last forever is easy, it is the finding them part that is hard. Or perhaps you just found a few beautiful clovers you would like to preserve? Some clovers are annuals, others are perennials. Dehydrating is the best way to preserve white clover blossoms. Remove the clover with as much of the stem as possible. Nitrogen is what makes plants green. Dried White Clover Flowers Ways To Use White Clover In The Kitchen. Once the clover is dry, take off the petals and dispose of any thick stalks. They also have a mild vanilla aftertaste. Red clover is sparse in our yard, but white clover is all over the place! Using Red Clover Internally Red clover is high in calcium, magnesium, iron, and vitamin C making it good as a bone building tea . Just give your kiddos a basket, show them which plant to look for, and let them go! White Sweet Clover is considered an excellent nectar plant for Apis mellifera (Honey Bee) by beekeepers. It is a head of flowers, also known as an inflorescence.Each one of the slender, white things in the head is a flower. The elegant, white flowers create a sweeping carpet of white. The most recent attempt to save money and to provide for ourselves came in the form of foraging and preserving weeds, flowers, and grasses. Trey's colleague, Michigan State Environmental Turf Grass specialist Ron Calhoun agrees, and says that their long-term studies of corn gluten meal mirror the Iowa State results: "Heavy feeding of cool-season grasses with corn gluten meal in the Fall virtually eliminates clover over a three or four year period." White clover is a perennial weed that grows low to the ground. It does flower of course, but those little white flowers don't grow on very tall stalks. Just place a sheet of parchment paper over a baking sheet or rack and put it into the Sun Oven. Make sure that the Sun Oven has a shadow behind it at all times for best results. Waiting for Bloom Store the dried herbs in air-tight jars. For this reason one should NOT include clover when making sauerkraut, kimchi, or other fermented greens as the fermentation process doesn't interfere with the production of cyanide. Did you know that you can make flour out of clover? Clover has many medicinal properties… anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and blood cleansing to name a few. Here is how you can get started. Did you get your hands on a lucky four leaf clover? The tincture of leaves is used as an ointment for Gout. Leaves: The alternate leaves are composed of 3 leaflets (trifoliate), which may or may not have a “crescent” or “watermark” on the upper surface; membranous stipules lanceolate to ovate, 5/32 to 13/16 inch long; leaf stalk long; leaflets obovate or oval, 3/1… On dry sites it usually establishes only on wet or moist areas. If your lawn is spotted with pink or white flowers that attract bees and butterflies, you have clover. If you wish, a magnifying glass can help you get a better look. I am a homesteader, homemaker, and former homeschooler living the simple life in the great state of Tennessee with my best friend and 4 kiddos by my side. Allow the clover to sit in the pages for 2-3 days. Give the clover a good rinse to remove any bugs that might be hanging around. White Clover is fertilized by insects which carry pollen from one flower to another. STEP 1: GATHER STEP 1: GATHER Step 3 - Make Tea. White Clover plant is considered Depurative, Tonic and Antirheumatic. Set your mower on the lowest height while your Dutch clover is in bloom, usually in summer, to remove the flowers before they set seed. Give the clover a good rinse to remove any bugs that might be hanging around. Read more about them in this post. We 1. raise livestock for meat and milk 2. keep bees for honey 3. grow produce for eating fresh and preserving 4. replaced paper towels with flour sack towels 5. use food scraps for compost 6. make all of our own cleaning supplies… The list of steps toward resourcefulness and self-reliance goes on and on.
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