Our tutorial explains the deep, dark mysteries of a yarn label. Hand dyed yarns aren’t wound into the neat skeins with a yarn label, or ball band, as you see in the big stores. Search. But, after this tutorial…you’ll never be confused again on how to read a yarn label! Labels include everything from the yarn’s brand name to the color name and the dye lot number. Do you often find that your crochet project's width is correct, but the row count is completely off? Christelle June 10, 2020 ABC's knitting , Knitting Leave a Comment You have probably, like me, been confused by reading yarn label, especially when it comes to industrial yarns, mostly as when they come from abroad. Laundry Symbols. Yarn labels didn’t forget about you. The anatomy of the label tends to change from brand to brand and even between yarn types from the same brand. One of the most handy things I’ve learned in my yarn-y travels is how to read a label on a skein of yarn. Welcome to my crochet tutorial on how to read a yarn label. Right now, we are going to talk about the yarn label itself, so when you go to the store you know what you are looking for. Recommended crochet hook and knitting needle sizes 10. How to Fix Crochet Gauge. How to Read Yarn Labels - Easy Knitting Lesson. Here I’ll walk you through how to read a yarn label so next time you go yarn shopping, you can easily determine what that label is trying to tell you and whether it’s the yarn you need. Crocheters, rejoice! When you go to store, your local craft shop, your local knitting store, yarn store, one of the things you want to be aware of is what your yarn is made of. Some yarns are thicker or thinner than others. Yikes, it can all be a little overwhelming can't it? - This label shows how much yarn there is in ounces, grams, yards, and meters. Learn how to navigate various label types and figure out important yarn information. Over the past fifteen years that I have taught I have discovered a lot of students had no idea what the things on the label meant. Definitely a must if your want to make chunky hats or scarves. Have you ever looked at a yarn label and wondered why it felt like reading a foreign language? I am going to wear my glasses now, so I can actually read it. This post will detail the 7 attributes that will help make sense of it all so you can learn how to read a yarn label and get the most out of it! This is where you’ll find the list of fibers in your yarn and their percentages. Length and/or weight. Weight of yarn (0 being lace weight and 6 being super bulky) 9. Well, if you spend hours of your time working on a special piece, don’t you want to be able to know how to care for and clean it? A lesson with Knit and Crochet Ever After. Keep in mind, labels from different companies look a little different. Laughing Hens. How to Read a Yarn Label. They are typically sold in hanks with some type of tag/label. So even if it is the same brand yarn in the same color, it could be slightly off. A catchphrase (as distinctive from signage) is a document, plastic film, cloth, material, or different material attached to a textbox or item, Yarn Label Template on what is drafted or Skeletal system Halloween Build. In this lesson, learn how to read your yarn labels and interpret the meaning behind the symbols, understand yarn weights, and how to care for the yarn. How to Read a Yarn Label. Most yarn labels will include information on how to wash and care for the yarn. Plus, I am going to give you a Free Yarn Label Symbols Chart! Theres many reasons for reading a yarn wrap. This information can be very helpful when replacing a yarn from a knitting pattern. 1. You probably have a specific pattern or color or fiber content in mind for your next big project, and knowing how to read a yarn label makes the shopping process so much easier. Weight of skein in ounces and grams 6. Yarn labels have all the essential information about the yarn from how to care for the fiber to what size hook to use. Different batches of yarn can take dye differently sometimes. Reading a Yarn Label: When buying yarn it is important to know what is being bought. How to Read Yarn Labels. Keep it with you in your knitting or crochet bag for a quick and easy reference! 5 (Bulky): Chunky yarn. Here’s how to make sense of what’s on that label. If you’re just starting out with knitting or crochet, the label on a ball of yarn can seem a bit confusing, like you’re trying to interpret a foreign language you never studied. Here is a yarn label I have from a skein of Bernat Blanket yarn. This intimidating skeleton is not hard to make and great for Haloween. This is what you will probably see if you encounter the yarn as it’s sitting on the shelf in your local yarn store. 2. How to Read a Yarn Label INFORMATION FOUND ON A YARN LABEL: 1. Laughing Hens Rated "Excellent" on Reviews.co.uk 4.7 stars, 5901 reviews. 3. Some skeins have more yards of yarn and some have less. Washing Instructions If you’ve ever accidentally felted a sweater by washing it in hot water, you’ll know why washing instructions are so important for a yarn label. Sometimes a label will only show yards and meters or it will show ounces and grams, so depending on your pattern, you might have to figure out how many skeins you will need based on this information. How to Read a Yarn Label. For the Final project, we will learn how to read your yarn label. A yarn label is more than the piece of paper that keeps the yarn together in a ball or bunch. The little flag in the right corner means the yarn was … Use size K10.5 – M13 crochet hook, or 9 – 11 knitting needles. Early on, I didn’t fully realize all of the important information that is included and all that can be done with it. Fiber content 8. That is of course if you can read the label. Add Tip Ask Question Comment Download. Categories. Whenever I teach my beginning class I always take the time to make sure everybody can read a yarn label. Gauge and knitting needle size Most yarn is measured by the Craft Yarn Council of America’s Standard Weight system (read more about yarn weight here). 14 Comments. Different yarns work best with different sizes of crochet hook. When a batch of yarn is being dyed, it is usually assigned a number. The labels on the yarn tell you a lot about what you are looking to buy. And that confusion only multiplies when you consider the differing systems that occur around the world, with regards to yarn weight, plies, and needle or hook sizes. Watch the video above or photo tutorial, or both! Above is a picture of a yarn label. E. Just like the label on a piece of clothing, care instructions are indicated on a yarn label. There is a wealth of information on a yarn label that most people overlook. Yarn labels or some people call them yarn wraps pack a lot of information and you'll need to know what it all means especially if you're following a knitting pattern. Part of my job is to take customer service calls regarding pattern issues, or sometimes folks with yarn questions. Yarn labels can be confusing to read, especially for those new to crochet. This particular brand is my personal fav, Red Heart Super Saver yarn. View lesson. 2. Gauges for crochet and knit 5. Let’s go over how to read one of our labels step by step: First, let’s take the front side. I know a lot of y’all are probably wondering what’s so important about being able to read a yarn label. How to read a yarn label ? Here is a quick way how to guide to show you the basics on Yarn Labe… 6 (Super Bulky): Giant yarn. Whether you knit or crochet, before you begin a project, there are certain information that you need, such as what size needle to use for the particular yarn that you chose. November 9, 2016 | by LBYS Staff. Dye lot number 3. When substituting yarn for a project, all of the aforementioned qualities are important, but sometimes it's difficult to find that information on the label of a ball or skein of yarn. This ensures you get the most out of the life of product with limited damage to the fiber over time. At the top it says “NO DYE LOT”. This label says pure wool knitting worsted weight. Your favorite sarcastic crocheter is here to help you figure out how to read those pesky yarn labels, figure out what all the symbols mean, or if they really mean anything to you depending on what you'll be using the yarn for. There are a lot of factors to consider when you go yarn shopping. Read our Blog Tel: +44 (0) 1829 740903. 4. Yarn labels are full of information that will help you select the right yarn for each project. Here’s how to make sense of what’s on that label. search. Weight: Whenever you see this symbol, it indicates what the weight of the yarn is. Yarn labels have all the essential information about the yarn from how to care for the fiber to what size hook to use. But fear not, because we can help you out. Yarn length: This includes length in both US and metric measurements. For instance you may want to substitute the yarn that is called for in a pattern. Let’s take a look at an example below: Brand name and fiber content: Brand name of the yarn and percentage of each fiber are shown on the label. No problem, I will show exactly what every symbol means so you can properly know how to read a yarn label. In short, the system tells you which number the yarn is (thickness/weight). Often times the yarn label may include information regarding the length of yarn or the weight in grams of the yarn. Fiber content . What’s the reason? So let’s get into some of the “Whats” and “Whys” of yarn labeling. It’s full of new terminology, which can seem like gibberish if you have never looked at it before. Today, I’m going to share my learnings with you and provide some resources to help you make the most of your yarn purchase and preserve your hand-made items. Yarn weight. It can affect the time you spend searching for yarn (both in the store and online), the amount of money you spend on buying the yarn for your project, and what hook size you’ll need to complete your project. Not to worry! Manufacturing company information 4. Veteran knitters and crocheters read yarn labels in order to find the right type of yarn for their next project, but a newbie to the craft can learn the finer points of a yarn label as well. Here is an example of care instruction on a couple labels: 5. Yarn label provides tons of valuable information, from fiber content, yarn weight to dye lot and care instructions. This skein also happens to say JUMBO on it, but not all of them will be like that.
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