Although the increases in testing velocity were constant throughout the study, the final test was conducted after a 24-day quarter break. We do all our weighted ball drills into a tarp/net from about 6-8 feet away. Angular velocities of the arm joints also decreased with the increasing ball weight. Effect of Different Training Programs on the Velocity of Overarm Throwing: A Brief Review. This is important to note that if the players are going to play catch with weighted balls, it’s a good idea to get a pack of different weights. High Performance Assessment: Strength Testing Using Force Plates. The overall injury rate was 24% in the weighted ball group (4/17, as two members were removed for non-throwing injuries). The subjects in the weighted-ball group used balls weighting 2-, 4-, 5-, 16-,and 32-ounces, and they performed Half-Kneeling Throws, Rocker Throws, and Run and Guns. We do all our weighted ball drills into a tarp/net from about 6-8 feet away. Ten high-school pitchers took part in this study, all between ages of 16 and 18. Throw Clean. The idea is to use overload baseballs (6 ounces, 7 ounces, etc.) During catch play and command work, they are thrown at less than full intent and, during high-output work, they are thrown as hard as possible into a net. Someone will get hurt if you try. GoSports 2.8" Weighted Training Baseballs | Hitting & Pitching Training for All Skill Levels | Improve P… More research is needed on the effects of warm-up with baseballs of different weights. Kinematic – branch of mechanics that describes the motion of points using math and geometry to figure the velocity or acceleration of various points of the body, in this case of a pitcher, Authors: DeRenne, Coop; Buxton, Barton P; Hetzler, Ronald K; Ho, Kwok W 1994. The training program consisted of increasingly longer bullpens. Group 3 served as the control group and pitched with a standard baseball for 10 weeks. CleanFuego Regulation was engineered to replicate the exact dimensions of a regulation baseball (5¼oz). Yet, there are people in the baseball training industry selling weighted baseball programs (with balls heavier than 5oz) to coach/parents of middle school and youth pitchers. The data presented indicates that training with underweight balls alone or in combination with overweight training enhances velocity. We offer unique training equipment that targets the fast twitch ATP energy system so that athletes in all sports can become more explosive, dynamic, and athletic. baseball. For athletes and coaches affected by COVID-19, The exact mechanism on how weighted baseballs increase velocity is unknown. Following the overload, 20 maximal throws with regulation baseballs were made at a target 35 feet away. 2. Comparison of Kinematics Between Overarm Throwing with 20% Underweight, Regular, and 20% Overweight Balls, Authors: Van den Tillaar, Roland; Ettema, Gertjan 2011. No study found that accuracy was improved by using heavier baseballs in training. Strength. All throws were from the mound, and the athletes were instructed to alternate each weighted-ball throw between sub-max and max execution. Powernet 3.2" Weighted Hit Training Balls (6 Pack) Key Features: BUILD PROPER TECHNIQUE - The PowerNet progressive weight system builds on technique development. For physically mature athletes, weighted ball training has several benefits including improved mechanics, velocity and command but improved arm fitness is the most obvious.. • Used 14, 32 oz balls on flat ground with “hold” exercises Players gradually ramped up over the 6-weeks to include kneeling, rocker, and run-and-gun throws with balls ranging from 2oz to 32 oz. There is a longer write up on this study that you can find, Effect of Baseball Weighted Implement Training: a Brief Review, Effects of Under- and Overweighted implement training on pitching velocity, The Effects of a Baseball Throwing Velocity Improvement Program on Shoulder Range of Motion, Isometric Mid-Thigh Pull (IMTP) Strength Testing. Let’s start with the elephant in the room, STRENGTH. Have a question? If players desire to try weighted ball throwing, caution should be taken, especially by youth baseball players, before using weighted balls. ), 20 max effort throws (10 oz. Stay ready for practice days with weighted baseball multipacks that include up to 12 balls. After, they would throw at half to three-quarter speed to a catcher for 10-15 minutes. You don’t play catch with weighted baseballs. It was also found that there were no changes in the relative timing of the different joints, suggesting that the overall coordination pattern of throwing is independent of ball weight. Neuromuscular system – combination of how the nervous system and muscles work together in movement, Kinetic – using physics to study motion and its causes, namely forces occurring in the pitching motion in this instance. The authors noted a significant increase in elbow varus torque (stress on the Tommy John ligament) when throwing weighted balls on flat ground with the run-and-gun technique compared to throwing off a mound. Throwing velocity was measured using Dekan Performance Analyzer, and the mean throwing velocity increased from 112.3 feet per second to 128.7 feet per second. This resulted in 25 weighted-ball throws and 30 regulation throws. Previous studies by van den Tillaar and Ettema (2004, 2007) showed that the internal rotation of the shoulder and elbow extension were the main contributors for the maximal ball-velocity at release. Whether you are a pitcher, infielder, or outfielder, having an extra mph behind each throw will improve your game. ). The 6-week program was developed to be similar, if not more conservative, than commonly marketed weighted baseball velocity programs available programs for baseball pitchers. It’s also unknown what the control programming was, as the weighted ball group did both. There were also athletes that dropped out of the study, but they were not required to state why they dropped out of the training. Weighted training baseballs come in singles and multipacks. One group threw weighted balls; another used a pulley device to resist the mechanics of throwing. Programs covering the basics of: All with complementary strength programming. This collection's weighted baseball weights range from 8 oz. The exact mechanism on how weighted baseballs increase velocity is unknown. Significant increases in throwing velocity were found following a 6 week weighted ball throwing program. The findings also have low statistical power, in part because of the small sample size. in combination with underload baseballs (4 ounces, 3 ounces, etc.) Elbow extension preceded the onset of the internal shoulder rotation. Whether its in catch play, command work, or pulldowns, a leather weighted baseball set that more closely mimics the feel of a competition ball elevates your training. This suggests that both a combined or blocked approach to programming may be effective in increasing velocity, which means athletes could potentially choose the programming they wish. According to the research, the best results come from using BOTH light weighted and heavy weighted balls. Effect of a 6-Week Weighted Baseball Throwing Program on Pitch Velocity, Pitching Arm Biomechanics, Passive Range of Motion, and Injury Rates, Authors: M, Reinold; L, Macrina; G, Flesig; K, Aune; J, Andrews 2018. The participants had three days of throwing for six weeks. The wall-pulley group had a resistance tension of 10 lbs, whereas the control group followed the same procedure, but threw regulation baseballs instead of overload ones. Weighted balls will improve your throwing velocity. Statistically significant – the likelihood that a relationship is caused by something other than mere random chance. Fitness can be described with a variety of words – strength, endurance, or conditioning. Overload training causes the arm to move at a slower speed but with greater muscle force. The VST group warmed up with a regulation baseball,played catch for 5-10 minutes, and long tossed, up to 150 feet, with the specific underload ball for 5-10 minutes. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in, Price and other details may vary based on size and color. In total, the weighted-ball group threw 4 times a week, twice under the supervision of a training complex and twice under their own supervision. This is a large review of how different training studies affect velocity. Authors: DeRenne, Coop; Szymanski, David 2009. This review looks critically at how these studies were run with control groups, group sizes, training age, number of throws, etc. 99 There was no other significant difference. Aroldis Chapman, he of the 105-mph fastball, was seen throwing off the mound in the Cubs' bullpen prior to each of his World Series appearances with -- insert audible gasp here -- a 10-ounce weighted ball. Once a week during an additional bullpen, each pitcher would throw hard for 20-25 minutes, with the first 10-15 minutes throwing the heavy ball and the remaining 10 throwing a regulation baseball. I would typically recommend one but this type of training is vital to research, and I feel it … A great way to improve throwing velocity is through the use of over and underweight balls. Research suggests to throw 2 heavy weighted ball pitches for every 1 regular weighted ball pitch. Four out of five studies found that training or warming-up with an overweight baseball produced an increase in the velocity of the baseball. The Weighted Training Balls make sure that you are performing the proper follow through on your batting and throwing technique. One ounce was added to the overload after that, which means that during the last two-week period, a 12-oz ball was used. This article will provide baseball pitchers and coaches with practical tips and applications for using weighted baseballs in a throwing program. Group two pitched with a heavy and standard baseball for the first 5 weeks, and then a light and standard baseball for the final 5 weeks. This means that the heavier the ball weight, the lower velocities that were seen. A general conditioning program was offered to improve the athletes’ motor fitness before the experiment started. Maximal angles, angles at ball release, and maximal angular velocities of the joint and their timings were analyzed during the throw. This study randomly placed 21 baseball pitchers into three equal-sized groups. It also looked into the use of weighted bats and their use in warm-ups and improving swing velocity. However, little is known about the physical effects or safety of these programs. All throws were from the mound, and the athletes were instructed to alternate each weighted-ball throw between sub-max and max execution. Overload balls … This study had 38 athletes randomly assigned to either a control throwing program or one that did the control and weighted-ball program. The Official Site of the Velocity Plus program used by Steve Delabar, created by Tom House NPA, Velocity Plus Arm Care is a weighted ball throwing program. 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